Toyota Agya, Bali Small-Cheap Auto Gear Car

It is called the Toyota Agya, the most popular Bali car rental automatic for a small and automatic car to be rented. Most of solo or couple travelers were satisfied when they drove the car and started their holiday trip in Bali.

Choose Toyota Agya, the best auto-small car rental Bali

Choose Toyota Agya, the best auto-small car rental Bali

The best thing to explore the island of Bali is by renting a car rental from a local car rental company in Bali. This will ensure the tourist to move between one place to another. And if you are a solo or a couple traveler, it is advised to just rent a small size car. Also, keep in minds that roads condition in Bali area mostly small and narrow, renting a small-automatic gear car, the Toyota Agya is the best choice.

The Toyota Agya is a small city car. It is good to drive it in town, or in some Bali touristic area which is the traffic usually not so good. But when the tourist needs to drive it pass the mountain, the car also can do any better.

The Agya has two seats of row; one at the front and the one is at the back. While the front seat can be sat by two persons, the back is suitable for three persons. And it would be more convenience if there is a child in the group.

The luggage itself can be stored at the very back part of the car. There is a small space behind the back seat row. It is fit to keep two medium suitcase to be stored there.

For the group of small family member, dad and mom with two children, the Agya could be the best option to take to explore the island.

Please keep in mind that although the Agya is a small size car but it is more than just enough to explore the island. Moving out from the south of Bali in Kuta area to the north side in Amed or Lovina, it should not be a problem.

Coming with variation of colors, Toyota Agya is the best car rental in small size, plus in automatic gear.

Renting an automatic gear-small car, the Toyota Agya can save the money too. As it is a small size one, the price to rent it is cheaper than if the tourist rent a bigger one; such as the Toyota Avanza or the Toyota Innova.

For additional information why tourist from Russia loves to drive the Toyota Avanza read the article here.


Furthermore, the fuel consumption is good. Actually, it is the fuel safest car.

It’s also easy for the driver entering the gas station. When the tourist needs to fill up the gas (which is widely available in the island), just need to drive wisely close to the gas station officer, open the gas cover and the office will starts to fill up the petrol.

With 1.0 engine size the car will only need a small amount of fuel, compared to a medium size such the Avanza, or a big size one such as the Toyota Innova. It could safe your money a lot for the petrol.

So, here are some things that keep to be mind when renting a car rental in Bali; If you planed to stay at the north side of the island (e.g Amed and Lovina), then renting a medium size car is good for you.

But if you would like to stay at the touristic area at the south (e.g Kuta, Jimbaran and Seminyak), then renting a small one could be best option.

Above all else, just make it sure it’s in automatic gear one!


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